Beyond Belief is a program taken directly from The Duluth Program for Family Abuse, which is the leading standard for domestic violence internationally recognized by UN for its work done for the cause of women. According to their website, the Duluth Model is an ever-evolving way of thinking about how a community works together to end domestic violence. This program, “creating a process of change for men,” addresses issues of power, intimidation, and control in intimate relationships.* Masquerade Ministries believes in providing a safe place free of condemnation, where men can come to a place of self-conviction and accountability, gaining the necessary beliefs to equip them for save, trusting, respectful, and intimate partnerships. (If you are not struggling with power and control in your intimate relationship and are looking for a men’s ministry to awaken the husband and father God created you to be – we recommend Peacemakers.)

*Domestic Abuse

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