The biggest threat of someone in an intimate relationship is their intimate partner. Masquerade Ministries believes that this is a problem that needs to be resolved. Families are breaking apart at the seams, and the biggest root cause of that is Domestic Abuse.

Women who are in an abusive situation need a safe place to meet and connect with other women who have had similar experiences. As well, it is important for them to learn how to face what has happened to them and learn to not simply survive it but to thrive and find happiness again. There is hope in the midst of the hurting, and a safe place for women to seek healing together.

As you work together with others, you develop into a family of love and support, through understanding, mending, and restoring. Through this process you will learn just how strong you are, and how strong you have had to be in order to overcome all that you have.

Overcomers is a women only group that meets on a weekly basis. There are two phases to the program.

When Home Hurts

Home isn’t supposed to be the place that causes pain, trauma, and heartache, but unfortunately sometimes it is. When Home Hurts is phase one of the Overcomers program where women who have experienced hurtful, toxic, controlling, damaging, and abusive relationships come together to understand their experiences. It is a 24-week period of reflection, closely studying the qualities of a healthy, happy, hopeful intimate relationship, as well as comparing and discussing your own experiences of intimate relationships.

It is important that we understand that there is no excuse for abuse. Abuse is not…

  • A communication issue
  • Because the couple has different temperaments
  • An anger problem
  • Caused by stress
  • Caused by drugs or alcohol
  • Because of a lack of submission
  • Caused by the loved one’s behaviors
  • Because they grew up in an abusive home
  • About being out of control
  • Because of depression or mental illness

Most abusive partners will not identify themselves as abusive. In fact, more commonly they will see themselves as the victims of maltreatment. As well, most loved ones who are abused will not recognize the pattern of abuse in their relationship. They will more likely see that the relationship is troubled in some way, frequently claiming at least half – if not most – of the responsibility themselves. Frequently the loved one will buy into the lie that they are part of the problem.

Domestic abuse is frequently misidentified by all involved due to the stigma, mythology, and misinformation. Society has a very narrow understanding of what abuse is. Domestic abuse will often be understated when described and this poses a significant dilemma for the supporters.

Some of the topics that we cover in When Home Hurts include:

  • Why they act the way they do
  • How much of this is my fault
  • Am I experiencing a relationship in cycle
  • How do I view victims of abuse?
Free To Be Me – Getting Back to Who You Really Are

Free to Be Me is a new program for the Overcomers. It is phase two, following the 24-week program When Home Hurts. The main purpose of this program is to learn to thrive again. Many of the amazing, strong women who have experienced Domestic Abuse have forgotten just how incredible, strong, and capable they are. Through the systematic bombardment of abuse in their lives, they have been broken down, often being left feeling discouraged, stupid, damaged, and useless. Masquerade Ministries wants to help bring victory and healing to the scarred and wounded places you can’t see. The best way to do this is through sincere relationships with people who laugh, understand, grieve, and sit patiently with you while you give yourself time to deal with everything you’ve experienced.

Below are a few testimonies from women who have gone through the program:

“Overcomers gave me validation, unconditional love, and support.”

“I gained clarity and awareness. No one else understands better than those who have been there. I didn’t feel alone anymore in my hurt.”

“I found myself!”

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