The heart and purpose behind Thriving Families is to reach out to communities, bringing awareness and commissioning individuals and organizations to step in and take responsibility. Masquerade Ministries is a family ministry that hopes to create healthy, joyful families, and does everything we can to help individuals and families thrive. There is more to life than simply surviving through the difficult times, and Masquerade Ministries is here to guide families find abundance in life.

Some of the services we provide through Thriving Families include:

  • Pre-marital counseling and marriage enrichment
  • Personal coaching and one-on-one ministry
  • Community outreach through workshops:
    • Faith, Family, and Violence,
    • Domestic Abuse Intervention
    • Tactics used for power and control, post-separation

Faith, Family, Violence

Faith, Family, Violence is a one-day workshop where we take a much closer look at domestic abuse. We study it to understand what exactly it is (as it is so much more than simply the act of physical assault) and why it is such a prevalent threat to families.

Unfortunately, there is no sign on the forehead of those involved in an abusive situation that can tell you “help me, I’m being abused,” so it is so important to raise awareness and equip leaders within the church and community to help identify the signs of someone who is in trouble and needs help. So often when in these situations, women feel completely trapped, confused, and alone. Many of them don’t even identify their relational experience as abuse! They deserve dignity, respect, and safety, and so often don’t feel any of those things.

Masquerade Ministries believes that the solution to abuse is strong, brave, committed, tender, sacrificial, servant leaders – those who have power and influence, but choose not to use it to their advantage.

If we can equip you as a leader in the church or community to be able to identify the signs, then we believe that we can be on our way to stopping the widespread epidemic of Domestic Abuse.

For one-on-one relationship coaching and marriage ministry, visit and book a complimentary session with our founder, Roy Mitton.

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